My Offerings

Are you ready to transform?

I'm so grateful to have you here.  Acknowledge and be proud of how far you've come until this present moment. Take a deep breath and feel this Energy you embody. My offerings are all meant to guide you to step into the best timeline you are destined to have. To bring you enlightenment, clarity, peace, and love. The readings, mentorships, teachings are meant to last this lifetime! Sending so much love.

Spiritual Alchemy Mentorship

Completely formed to work with your own personal needs and story. I'm here to guide and walk with you in your journey. I will work with you in depth down to the core so you can walk away with practices, clarity, strength, LOVE, PEACE, and courage that will last a LIFETIME. I'm not just a teacher, mentor, or coach I'm also your friend. I make endless open communication so you can contact me no matter what time it is. And communication is open even after our mentorship is over in case you need me in the future. You will learn about how to clear away unwanted energy, energy renewel, chakra work, shadow work, herbal medicine, meditation, affirmations, spiritual practices, and most importantly how to fully connect to your OWN INTUITION.

This mentorship is an 4 or 8 week program depending on your personal needs. Book an introduction call to find out more details. Each week has a different focus that will be explained in the introduction call.


xoxo, Madison

Manifestation Mentorship

Within days start to feel an energy shift! Become on your best possible timeline and start to manifest your desires. I will guide you everyday with short daily practices to get clear on how to attract exactly what youre destined to have. We will work together in removing what's blocking your manifestation. In this mentorship we focus on alignment and go in depth into what manifestation truly is but also learning to release attachment and trust spirit. This is a 4 or 8 long mentorship! We will also do longer calls for more in depth practices. We will also go over quantum jumping, raising vibration, affirmations, and lots more.

 Book an introduction call and we will set up plan that best suites your needs!


Please email with any questions. LOVE AND LIGHT

xoxo, Madison 

 Channeled Reading

Life purpose, love reading, career, general, its all up to you!

I connect to the spiritual realm, spirit guides, and angels to receive guidance. 

  I will use oracle cards to clarify the messages and for you to interact during the reading and use your own intuition.

. This reading is live and recored for your future as well. 

I offer 1 hour readings.


 30 minute recorded reading for



XOXO, Madison